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Best Snack at Walt Disney World Resort 2018

Croque Glace

Croque Glace |

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Best Snack at Walt Disney World Resort 2018

Expedition Everest |

from Tips from the Disney Diva
What is the Croque Glace? Well it translates to grilled ice cream. Sounds strange, right? No! In Epcot, in the France Pavillion, you can try the most delicious dessert ever. (Ok, maybe not ever, but it’s one of my favorites!)

Breaking it down, the croque glace is a sweet, brioche bun that is filled with ice cream and toasted. This is the perfect match because the bun is sweet, but of course is still a roll. You get a little bit of the buttery flavor that is mixed with sweetness. If you’ve never tried a brioche roll, you need to try it alone sometime because it is absolutely wonderful. Mix that with the ice cream and chocolate sauce, and it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Location: Walt Disney World
Review: Tips from the Disney Diva