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Best Extinct Attraction at Walt Disney World Resort 2018


Maelstrom |

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Expedition Everest |

Officially opening on July 5, 1988, Maelstrom opened as EPCOT’s first thrill ride, though by the end of its time, it no longer really qualified as one! Understandably, Maelstrom was extremely crowded when it first opened, but luckily, the queue kept guests entertained, as guests had a special surprise once they got closer to boarding! Once there, they were treated to a giant mural (seen above) that gave an idea of what guests would encounter on their journey through Norway’s history. Guests adventured through Norway, encountering trolls, polar bears, and even oil rigs! Ok, maybe the oil rigs weren’t super exciting, but I just think they were such a funny addition to the ride!

Location: Epcot
Review: Disney Extinct Attractions