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Best Cocktail at Walt Disney World Resort 2018

Lapu Lapu

Lapu Lapu |

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Best Cocktail at Walt Disney World Resort 2018

Expedition Everest |

From Jason's Cooking
The next time you visit Walt Disney World, you should make a point to stop at the lounge outside of Ohana in the Polynesian for a tropical drink or two. Can’t decide which one to get? I suggest the Lapu Lapu. It’s a rum drink reminiscent of a Hurricane that is served in a pineapple. I had one for the first time last year and decided that I needed to make it for the blog!

Obviously I forgot about that until I was listening to an episode of America’s Test Kitchen Radio and they were talking about a pineapple corer/slicer that they liked. It was only $6 so I hopped on the Amazon ordered it, bought some pineapples and rum and set out to recreate this signature drink.

Review: Jason's Cooking
Location: Tambu Lounge