Best of Disney Awards Nominee for:
Best Pixar Movie 2018

Expedition Everest |

While en route to a special event, Mr. Incredible picks up a police report of a high speed pursuit and suits up before driving to intercept it, seeing as he ‘has time’. On the way, he is forced to stop and assist an old woman get her cat out of a tree. Mr. Incredible picks up the tree and shakes the cat out and into its owner’s arms just in time to swing the tree onto the road and bring an abrupt halt to the car of the fleeing thieves. As another report comes in, he returns to his car to find a boy dressed in a superhero outfit sitting in the passenger seat. Recognizing the boy as Buddy (Jason Lee), an over-enthusiastic fan who declares to be Mr. Incredibles new ward, ‘Incredi-boy’, Mr. Incredible ejects him out of the car. On a nearby rooftop, he confronts a burglar sifting through stolen purses but the man is knocked out by the outstretched fist of Elastigirl. Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl engage in some playful banter before she runs off. As Mr. Incredible secures the burglar, Frozone glides by on a bridge of ice, shouting out a reminder that he needs to ‘get ready’. However, Mr. Incredible’s attention is suddenly drawn to an adjacent building where spotlights illuminate a man preparing to jump to his death. Mr. Incredible foils the suicide attempt by launching himself off the roof and knocking the falling man into an office of the building. He places the injured man aside when he senses something else amiss and walks to a nearby vault that is suddenly blasted open. The super villain, Bomb Voyage (Dominique Louis), emerges with sacks of money.

The Incredibles