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Best Live-action Disney character 2018

Mia Thermopolis (The Princess Diaries)

Mia Thermopolis |

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Best Live-action Disney character 2018

Expedition Everest |

Mia is a sarcastic, funny person. She is concerned about the environment and regularly donates money to Greenpeace. She particularly adores her cat, Fat Louie, which inspired her Instant Messenger handle, FtLouie. Mia is often worried and seems paranoid. She is familiar with a number of catastrophe scenarios that could happen to Manhattan and what to do in these situations. Her paranoia also translates to her relationship with Michael. Mia often worries that he will leave her for a girl who is smarter or who is willing to have sex. Mia’s insecurities are a source of tension in her relationships.

The Princess Diaries