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Best Animated Villain 2018

Cruella de Vil

Cruella De Vil |

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Best Animated Villain 2018

Expedition Everest |

Cruella is known to be mean and rude, literally barging into other people’s houses and disrespecting others. She adores attention but looks down on others, showing no sympathy for anyone’s well-being.

Cruella is greedy and selfish. She adores fashion and art, Cruella’s interest in fashion is revolving around furs from animals, as she is always seen wearing a fur coat. Cruella will seek animals to help her with making coats, when hearing about Perdita having puppies, Cruella attempted to buy them from Roger, showing no concern for puppies, she even brought eighty-four puppies legally. The reason because the spots will make her fur coats more popular, meaning she’ll get more money. Creulla is heavily obsessed with fur coats, as she turned to Lars after seeing his painting of spots, as a way to substitute her obsession.

Creulla is known to be short-tempered. She gets annoyed with Jasper and Horace’s foolishness, and throws a tantrum when things don’t go her way. Her anger seems to be a problem, as it makes her reckless and impulsive, as she drove her car recklessly after the dalmatians but ended up crashing her car into a tree. She may also be bipolar, as she is prone to psychotic fits, her reckless driving is an example. This happened again when she tried to capture the puppies in London, only to end up in an institution.

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