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Best Extinct Attraction at Disneyland Resort 2018

Expedition Everest |

A live, interactive variation of the popular ABC-TV game show Who Wants to be a Millionaire? officially opened in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios on April 7, 2001. The Disney’s Hollywood Studios version is Who Wants to be a Millionaire — Play It! It gives guests the chance to sit in the Hot Seat, answer questions and win prizes based on the number of points they earn and is held in sound stages along Mickey Avenue. Who Wants to be a Millionaire — Play It! — A replica of the television show’s high-tech set, complete with its dramatic lighting, music and “Hot Seat,” has been constructed in conjunction with Walt Disney Entertainment in sound stages 2 and 3 along Mickey Avenue.

The 30-minute show operates much like the TV version — there’s even an emcee trained to perform like the original television show’s famous host, Regis Philbin. Unlike the TV show, however, all 600 members of the audience have the chance to play along and earn points based on how quickly and accurately they answer the questions using the keypads at their seats.

The two “lifelines” known as 50/50 and Ask the Audience, which allow a contestant to receive help in answering a question, function as on the TV show, but instead of the Phone-A-Friend option, the Disney show has “Phone a Complete Stranger.” The contestant has the chance to make a call, which rings at random at a phone near the entrance to the Millionaire Soundstage on Mickey Avenue.