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Best Extinct Attraction at Disneyland Resort 2018

Golden Dreams

Golden Dreams |

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Best Extinct Attraction at Disneyland Resort 2018

Expedition Everest |

Golden Dreams began with a unique special effect: the art deco goddess statues “came to life”, projecting Whoopi Goldberg’s face. She introduced herself as Califia, the Queen of California, also known as the spirit that lives within the state. The film covered California’s history, dating back to the Chumash tribe settlements. Califia appeared throughout the film (in disguise), offering guidance and encouragement to Californians in every era. Periods depicted in the film included Chumash tribe settlements, Spanish missionaries, Railroad construction, California Gold Rush, Japanese immigration, Great Depression, World War II, 50s expansion – interstates, amusement parks, suburbs, 60s Counterculture, and 80s & 90s tech boom.

After traveling through time, the film ended with a montage of notable Californians and historical events (much like the end of The American Adventure in Epcot). Califia ends the show, celebrating the imaginative spirit of California before disappearing back into the statue.

Duchess of Disneyland