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2018 Winner, Best Live-action Disney character 2018

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins |

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Best Live-action Disney character 2018

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It is never explained where Mary really comes from, though she is seen sitting on a cloud above London near the beginning of the film. It is known that she has a friend named Bert, and an uncle named Albert (though it is unclear if he is her blood relative, as others call him that as well), who both live in London in 1910. She is described as being “practically perfect in every way.” As a nanny, she is fairly stern, but also kind and nurturing. She is shown to possess various magical abilities including the ability to speak to animals and transport herself and others to various places (including sidewalk pictures), as well as flight. However, afterward, she will deny any usage of these powers and her many voyages and adventures, presumably to keep them a secret from the public.

Mary Poppins