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Best Live-action Marvel Character

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Spider-Man made his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy #15, the last issue before cancellation. Due to his popularity, the web-spinning superhero got his own comic series not long after his introduction. Spider-man is Peter Parker. When he was in his final year of high school, Peter was touring the science lab of Columbia University. While there, an escaped spider fell upon Peter, biting him. Thus, the DNA strands of the spider were recombined with those of Peter, giving him the strength, speed, and agility of a spider. Peter decided to use his newfound powers to become a wrestler. After the wrestling promoter refused to pay him the full prize purse, Peter left the wrestling arena. He saw a robber escaping with the box office proceeds from the event. Peter refused to stop him, thinking he was merely getting even with the promoter. However, when he was walking down the streets, he found out that his uncle Ben was shot by a carjacker who stole his car. Angry and bitter, Peter went out to confront the carjacker in his wrestling costume.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man