Best of Disney Awards Nominee for:
Best Live-action Lucasfilm Movie

Expedition Everest |

Sarah Williams (Jennifer Connelly) was a teenager with a large imagination and love for fantasy stories, so much so that she enacted her favorite storybook, the Labyrinth, whenever she could. She happened to have been pretending that she was the heroine in her story while wandering in the park near her house when the clock on the near by city hall building struck, informing her it was 7pm. She realized she was an hour late and needed to get home to watch her baby stepbrother, Toby (Toby Froud). After arguing with her stepmother about her tardiness and feeling ignored by her father, Sarah was left alone with her fussy infant brother. Angered that her stepmother had given her brother one of her favorite teddy bears, a tattered toy called Lancelot, Sarah shouted into the air for someone to take her away from ‘this awful place.’ To get Toby to stop crying, she told him the story of how the Goblin King was in love with the girl who was ‘forced to stay at home with the baby’ and that he had ‘given her certain powers.’ But Sarah in no way believed this story could be real.