Best of Disney Awards Nominee for:
Best Animated Disney movie

Expedition Everest |

In a small turn-of-the-century town, a couple designated by the names ‘Jim Dear’ and ‘Darling’ are celebrating Christmas. Darling is overjoyed to receive a Cocker Spaniel puppy, whom she names Lady. Time passes, and Lady is well-taken care of by her owners, who delight in her company. At 6 months, she is given a collar with a license. Lady then goes to visit two neighboring dogs, Jacques and Trusty. Jacques is a wily Scottish Terrier, and Trusty is an old Bloodhound. The two compliment Lady on her new license, before Lady rushes off to greet Jim Dear, who has come home from work. Time passes on, and one day, Jacques and Trusty come to visit Lady, and find her feeling depressed. Lady explains that something seems to have happened to Jim Dear and Darling. She then explains how one day after coming home, Jim Dear referred to her as ‘that dog.’ Another time, she tried to playfully take a ball of yarn from Darling, who then struck Lady. Jacques and Trusty soon explain to Lady, that her owners are expecting a baby. Lady is unsure what a baby is, but the two explain what they know. However, their speech is soon interrupted by a mangy grey dog named Tramp.

Lady and the Tramp