Best of Disney Awards 2018

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Best Extinct Attraction at Disneyland Resort

Adventure Thru Inner Space

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Best Extinct Attraction at Disneyland Resort

Expedition Everest |

Disneyland’s Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction closed in 1985, yet here it was in front of me. I saw a snowflake, and it was getting bigger. It was soon overwhelming. Icicles jutted out toward me. Crystallized shards were everywhere. Was I inside a snowflake? Up ahead, I saw a dizzying array of white spheres, mesmerizing from a distance but precarious up close. This is unlike any Disney attraction I’ve ever been on, I thought, and then I heard a voice. “And still,” it told me, “I continue to shrink. What compelling force draws me into this mysterious darkness?” It’s the late actor Paul Frees. He soon tells me where I am, and it isn’t comforting: “The infinite universe within a tiny speck of snowflake crystal.” Adventure Thru Inner Space, retired and removed from Tomorrowland after the George Lucas empire moved into Disneyland, is alive once more.

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