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Best Attraction at Disneyland Resort

Toy Story Midway Mania!

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Best Attraction at Disneyland Resort

Expedition Everest |

Ride and take aim at moving objects during this midway-inspired, 4D game starring popular Disney·Pixar Toy Story characters. Become an honorary toy as you compete in target-themed games hosted by friends from the Toy Story movies. Andy’s got some new games—and the toys are taking over. Join them! Hop in a swiveling carnival car and pass through the portal to the rowdy 4D world of toys. Grab your Spring-Action Launcher and take aim at targets! Warm up for the real competition with some practice. Woody and Rex show you how. Take aim as much as you want—and keep in mind, some targets are worth more points than others. Blast at barnyard targets by throwing eggs in this game hosted by Hamm, the wise-cracking piggy bank with a cork in his pork belly. Take aim at pigs, ducks, cows and other farm-bound critters. Throw darts at targets in a primeval world filled with volcanoes and lava balloons as Rex and Trixie cheer you on.  Toss virtual baseballs to break plates and earn your stripes with the green army men. Watch out for the Army helicopter as it swoops by your camp! Toss rings at the heads of the little 3-eyed green aliens as they pop their heads out of the space craft. A successful toss releases a golden ray of galactic light. To infinity and beyond! Hop on over to the hotel and blast the bull’s-eyes that pop up. Next, move over to the mine and dig for gold as you knock out more targets.